Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Scott Man

Few people are as excited as I for the Season 4 premiere of The Office tonight on NBC. To celebrate, here's a compilation of clips (1:50) I strung together from the first three seasons featuring Michael Scott (Steve Carrell) busting a few moves.

Back with a Vengeance

OK, so my holdout didn't last that long, but I'm back anyway. As I previously stated, I lost interest in blogging when YouTube permanently disabled my account. One of my few hobbies was editing videos on my computer and then posting them to YouTube so I could embed them here. I had some interesting projects in the pipeline, but my enthusiasm wained when I received two e-mails from YouTube one day. The first one said that Twentieth Century Fox complained that my Arrested Development: Mock Trial with J. Reinhold was infringing on copyright and that the video would be disabled and I should delete any other videos that might infringe or my account would be shut down. I didn't really get a chance to comply because the second e-mail said the same thing about another video. So even though they were both sent the same day it would appear one was the warning and the other was the death nail because after that I couldn't log in anymore. It's disappointing because some of my compilations from The Office were approaching 300,000 views. But I have bounced back. In my quest to find an alternative to YouTube I have discovered that YouTube is actually quite inferior to a lot of what's out there. The main thing it has going for it is its traffic. I eventually selected to host my videos. It's not unlike YouTube in its set up, but there are fewer restrictions on file size, picture resolution and video length, so if you browse this web log, you'll see the entries that formerly featured my YouTube videos now feature better quality Veoh videos.

Update: Six months after posting this web log entry, my Veoh account has followed my YouTube account into extinction following similar complaints of copyright infringement. It would seem official now: there are no good video hosting sites left on the web.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Off the Air

This is to inform loyal readers that for the time being I will no longer be contributing the world of blogging. This is largely a result of my disappointment with YouTube for permanently disabling my account. I received an e-mail from them threatening such because one of my videos was found to be in violation of copyright law according to 20th Century Fox. I considered it more of fan video and a service to Fox. Granted, none of what I put together could be considered entirely original work, but I would think the networks would want to permit videos like mine when they get comments like "I've never watched this show, after seeing this I'll have to check it out." So I apologize if most of the videos in this web log no longer work. Maybe in the future I will return here to write more, but for the time being I will not.