Friday, August 18, 2006

The Best of Reality TV

Many of you know where I stand on the issue of "Reality TV." I think it is boring and and very low brow. In fact I often consider certain scripted shows to be closer to reality than many of the unscripted ones. However, my opinions might be shifting. Lately I've found myself watching 30 Days (from the creator of Supersize Me). I especially liked the immigration, minimum wage and prison episodes. While I don't often agree with the politics of the show, it is a lot more intelligent and socially relevant than other programs currently on TV, especially other examples of Reality TV.

At the opposite end of the spectrum is my favorite reality television show: Dog the Bounty Hunter. If you aren't watching this show (on several times a week on A&E), you're missing out. Let me elaborate. We all know the best part of the show Cops ("filmed on location with the men and women of law enforcement") is the white trash that end up handcuffed face down in the dirt after a brief chase around the trailer. Now imagine this: what if the cops chasing the white trash were also white trash. We're talking mullets, black leather, the works. Add to that a little born-again Christianity and bleeped-out profanity and you get Dog the Bounty Hunter and his family chasing down bail jumpers. It truly is quality television.

Below is a clip I strung together. It is probably the greatest moment in the show's history.