Tuesday, September 19, 2006

R be me Favorite Letter!

I have to hand it to the marketing people at Disney. Even though Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest doesn't come out on DVD until December 5, they took advantage of today being National Talk-Like-a-Pirate Day and have been advertising on various web sites. Below are images captured from one of the ads.

Monday, September 04, 2006

My plan to fix college football

1. Eliminate the BCS and all conferences as we currently know them.
2. Organize all 120 Division 1A schools into 4 super conferences of 30 teams each based solely on geography as shown below.

3. Organize each super conference into 3 divisions or tiers of 10 teams. These tiers will come with a certain level of hierarchy. The top tier will consist of the best teams while the bottom tier will consist of the worst teams.
4. Each team will play the other 9 teams in its division with three games left for traditional rivals or other selected match ups.
5. At the end of the season, the champions of each conference's top tier will play in a four-team playoff with the winner crowned national champion.
6. All other teams will play in bowl games as they currently do.
7. The bottom two or three teams from the top tier will then be relegated to the second tier while the top two or three teams from the second tier will move up to the top tier and so on.

The Resulting Benefits:
  • It will eliminate controversy as to who should play in the national championship game.
  • There would be fewer coaches abandoning schools on their way to the top as they would now be able to advance a mid-level program up to the top level.
  • Similarly, it will appease the mid-majors as they would have a chance to move up to the big stage
  • It will keep schools that don't really seem to be trying (ie Vanderbilt, Baylor and two thirds of the Big East) from piggy backing on the major programs for money
  • It will preserve the importance that exists in every regular season game (something that a large tournament has failed to do in college basketball)