Thursday, October 05, 2006

Call of Duty

Since Arrested Development was not picked up for a fourth season, the best comedy on TV is now The Office (Thursdays 7:30 on NBC). If you aren't watching this show, you're missing out. For those of you that do watch, here's my prediction of what will happen with Jim & Pam: The Stamford Branch will close and many of its employees including Jim and Karen, who will have hooked up by then, will be transferred to the Scranton Branch. Watch out for some awkward moments as hilarity will no doubt ensue. The only question remaining is will Andy (Ed Helms) go too. Can you imagine him and Dwight in the same office? Anyway, below is a clip I put together that offers a glimpse into life at the Stamford Branch.


Anonymous said...

Interesting prediction. I agree this is the best comedy on TV.


Anonymous said...


Did you get a message from "Future" John or something. Good call on the Stanford branch closing, although the love triangle thing was pretty obvious.


Anyone notice that Michael's ringtone was "My Humps"?

Sheldon Frei said...

John has book smarts. I have street smarts... and book smarts.