Monday, June 11, 2007

As Seen on IMDb

It's been kind of a crazy weekend here at Entertainment News. Back in February I drafted a sarcastic blog entry entitled "Untapped Goldmine" which talks about how Hollywood should turn to workout videos for new movies ideas. Friday it was featured on the The Internet Movie Database's Hit List, a daily list of 5-10 links to movie and TV articles from sources such as Variety, Entertainment Weekly, The LA Times and other major Hollywood publications, as well as a few amateur sites. Since then it's been mentioned a number of other places like exercise video forums, a Hollywood insider message board, a major joke of the day site feed and even a white supremacy blog, whose writer feels rather passionately about white jokes and affirmative action, both of which I touched on briefly in the form of movie clich├ęs. Needless to say, traffic to the Web Log went through the roof. For the first 7+ months of tracking, Entertainment News received 2,365 visits, an average of about 10.5 per day. Although, more recently it had been averaging about 48 per day, mostly from people who got here by way of a Google image search that turned up a collage I created for a surprisingly popular blog entry about bad 1980's sitcoms. For the three days the link was on (June 8-10), the Web Log received 12,910 visits, the bulk of which (7,280) came on Friday. Now things should return to normal. I still expect a few extra visitors to trickle in from those other links I mentioned, and who knows, maybe I landed some new Entertainment News fans. Of course there will always be the random visitor who finds his way by typing some odd phrase into a search engine. Below is a sample of my favorite more recent searches that have somehow brought people here.

(The hyper links are to blog entries that discuss those topics, although usually not in the searcher's intended context.)


Eric said...

I find it ironic that Josie Davis is now the pretty one and Nicole Eggert is the washed up child star with sagging assets. Congrats on the exposure. Hell is Cold's exposure included a bunch of hits from military security personnel trying to decide if I was any type of a threat. I guess all blogs get their 15 minutes.

morty said...

Eric, I'm curious if you saw any increased traffic over the weekend from my web log. In this post I failed to mention that Hell is Cold is also a contributor of traffic to Entertainment News (maybe 6 or so of the the daily 48 click from there). Although, you don't come close to the traffic from people searching about 1980's sitcoms.

Eric said...

I think I looked at it once or so and I did notice a few from your site. I don't get quite so many since I took it off google search. It's good and bad because I have relatively open access to say what I want without random people pulling things out of the search engines, but I liked when people would find my site after doing a search for 'Ricki Lake Braless.' It's fun to see how engines tie things together.